Monday, September 3, 2007

What Move?

We thought about moving to Canada 4 years ago, even did a little research and decided we'd rather fight by acting locally and thinking globally by getting seriously involved in politics.

It accomplished some things and now that the country is moving in our direction, why think about moving now?

Because the damage George Bush has done may take a few generations to correct and we have only another 30 or 40 years left and we are tired of living in an ignorant country where a few elites control everything.

Of course, we may learn, after some research, that Canada's problems simply have a different scale and range of problems, but right now, until we do more homework, don't really know much about the country that is just a few hours away.

We used to live just 25 minutes away before 9/11 and didn't think twice about driving over the Blue Water Bridge into a world that seemed cleaner, nicer, had better provincial parks and couldn't tell the difference whether you were a native in their shopping center or not.

But we have a lot to learn and this is a great tool for keeping notes. Even George Bush's snoops might take a week or two to figure out that blogging tools can be used for some other purpose, like storing information.

Non-terrorists can use blogging tools to research and write about about how to get the hell our of here, just like I did when I left the ghetto as a kid. Wish I has these tools then. Might have taught to me think more clearly about just running away.

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